Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter

Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter

& Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter Borg,Buy Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter at UK, Free delivery on eligible orders.Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter,Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter,First Line Ltd,BFO4028.

Borg /& Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter
Borg /& Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter
Borg /& Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter


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Soares da Rocha

2 dorms.
3 suítes

Studio e 1 dorm.

pé direito de 3,70 M

lazer na cobertura

apartamentos no


A 500 M da estação de metrô Brooklin

Essencial é poder escolher.
Um empreendimento para quem vive no ritmo da cidade e também preza por momentos intimistas com conforto e praticidade sem sair de casa. O lazer ganha destaque no rooftop, que oferece entretenimento com privacidade e uma bela vista para se contemplar.

Studios, 1, 2 e 3 dorms.
25 e 92 m²

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Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter

Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter: Car & Motorbike. Buy Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter at UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.. All elements within the filter e.g. the media paper, valves, and springs meet the OE specification requirements to maintain high quality filtration and reduce wear. . All Filters are fully tested & quality checked during production for premium quality assurance . Manufactured to OE specification to ensure optimum performance and longevity . Supplied with a comprehensive warranty for total peace of mind . Each reference is supplied with fitting instructions to provide a hassle-free replacement plus, they are supported by a comprehensive warranty for total peace of mind . Product Description This part fits the following models:.Nissan Qashqai Qashqai +2 1.6 (2006 - 201) 86kW. Nissan Juke Hatchback 1.6 (2010 - ) 86kW. Nissan Qashqai Qashqai +2 1.6 (2006 - 201) 8kW. Mazda Hatchback 1.6 (200 - 2009) 77kW. Nissan Note MPV 1.6 (2005 - 2012) 81kW. Nissan Almera Mk II 1.5 (2000 - ) 66kW. Kia Picanto Hatchback 1.1 (200 - ) 8kW. Mazda MX-5 Mk II 1.8 16V (1998 - 2005) 107kW. Mazda RX-8 I 2.6 Wankel (200 - 2012) 170kW. Nissan Micra IV 1.2 (2010 - ) 59kW.The list is only a sample of all the compatible cars for this part.. Make sure this product fits your car by using the part finder above..Equivalent Part Numbers:.HONDA 1500PJ7015; HONDA 1500PFB00; HONDA 15208AA080; HONDA 1500PFB01; HONDA 1500PJ7005; AC X165; AC X597; AC PF127; AC PF57; AC X118; MAZDA F8022802; MAZDA F80228029A; MAZDA 070280; ISUZU 895671; MAZDA FER102; MAZDA B6Y1102A; MAZDA B6Y11029A; MAZDA FEYO1029A; MAZDA B6Y0100; MAZDA B6Y1102; MAZDA B651102; MAZDA HE192802; MAZDA FEY0102; MAZDA FEYO102; MAZDA 0259100; MAZDA B6YI102; MAZDA 02100; MAZDA 0702802; MAZDA 0812802A; MAZDA B59102; MAZDA 07782802; MAZDA 899100; ISUZU 586015150; ISUZU 897106660; MAZDA 8FG128029A; ISUZU 890112; MAZDA 8FG12802; MAZDA 8FG1280; ISUZU 891571; MAZDA 0222220A; MAZDA B61102; ISUZU 891262; ISUZU 891567500; MAZDA 0FER102; MAZDA FEY01029A; MAZDA B6Y1102A9A; MAZDA 0222100; ISUZU 891569980; MAZDA PEYO102; MAZDA 08662802; ISUZU 89110801; MAZDA 0812802B; MAZDA B60102; MAZDA 8172802; ISUZU 8911080; MAZDA NY6102; MAZDA PEY0102; ISUZU 89126; MAZDA N212802; MAZDA N50102; MAZDA F2Y0102A; MITSUBISHI MD861; MITSUBISHI 0A000201; NISSAN 1520865F0B; NISSAN 152087B000; NISSAN 152089F60A; NISSAN 1520865F1B; NISSAN 1520865F0D; NISSAN 1520865F10; NISSAN 152081U01; NISSAN 1520865F01; NISSAN 1520865F0E; NISSAN 152089E000; NISSAN 1520865F0C; NISSAN 152089; NISSAN 1520865F0A; NISSAN 152081U00; NISSAN 1520865F00; NISSAN 15208J00XX; NISSAN 15208J00; NISSAN 152081000; NISSAN 152089F600; NISSAN 152081HC0A; SUBARU 15208AA12A; SUBARU 15208KA000; SUBARU 15208AA020; SUBARU 15208AA021; SUBARU 20500; SUBARU 15208AA022; SUBARU 15208AA080; SUBARU 15208AA100; SUBARU 205500; SUBARU 20510; SUBARU 15208KA012; SUBARU 15208KA011; SUBARU 15208AA00; SUBARU 15208AA02; SUBARU 15208AA060; SUBARU 15208KA010; SUBARU 15208AA02; TOYOTA 1520865F01; TOYOTA 1520565F00; HYUNDAI XJAU0015; HYUNDAI 2600500; HYUNDAI 2600501; HYUNDAI 260002500; HYUNDAI 26002Y500; HYUNDAI 26202; HYUNDAI 260002501; HYUNDAI MAM0117; KIA 260002500; KIA 0FER102; KIA 0B61102; KIA 260002501; KIA 26002Y500; RENAULT 77010505; RENAULT 7701068766; RENAULT 152088066R; VOLVO 1171228; FILTRON OP595; PURFLUX LS965; QUINTON HAZELL QFL0269; FRAM PH11275; UFI 2.8.00; HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J111018; TECNOCAR R8; MANN-FILTER W 67/1; BOSCH F02607209; NIPPARTS J111026; SOFIMA S8R; WIX FILTERS WL7200; BLUE PRINT ADN12112; MEYLE 71220009; VALEO 586022; MAHLE FILTER OC195; MAHLE FILTER OC1052; SCT SM1; COMLINE CMZ111; MECAFILTER ELH0; CoopersFiaam FT6081 . Legal Disclaimer We do not take any responsibility for the completeness and correctness of this information as many cars have multiple variations. Please supply your vehicle details on checkout so we can check the part is correct before dispatch. E & OE . . .

Borg /& Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter

Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter

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Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter
Buy Borg & Beck BFO4028 Oil Filter at UK, Free delivery on eligible orders.